Guide to Writing Great Content and Creating a Content Plan

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According to Neil Patel, 98% of all marketing teams acknowledged that written content is the most viewed, and profitable content for engaging customers and generating leads. Now, I don’t think that any other fact is needed to let you know the importance of writing great content and creating a content plan to compete in this highly competitive digital world-pitched battle.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a focused approach that uses smart strategies to create, distribute and attract relevant, beneficial, and consistent content which is targeted to reach a certain audience which leads to customer action and ultimately, a profitable business. The great Content strategy is an individual approach and plan of action to create content followed by the goals of the business. Moreover, Content strategy is significantly influenced by the target audience, and individual’s understanding of the business demands, and market trends. Writing Great Content means your recipe involves both, a well-crafted piece of content and a profit-friendly content strategy. Read this article completely to know my ever best and evergreen secret recipe for writing great content.

Does writing great content depends on words only? Let’s Explore!

Secret Recipe to Writing Great Content

Let’s make a thing clear here. Content creation is not the first step of Content Marketing. I know; shocker, right? The first step of Content Marketing is determining the Target Audience. This might be the second step if a content creator has not explored and determined his/her own interest yet. It is highly important to understand and embrace one’s own interest followed by the potential to create content in that area. Selecting the Type of Content is another significant step of content marketing. Written, Audio, Visual representation, animation, a combination of all of these; you name it and it becomes a new type of content that is evolving the world of content marketing and content creation with a supersonic speed. One has to be sure yet flexible in selecting the Type of Content because, at the end of the day, this is what’s going to make a business distinguished, in demand, and stand out in a crowd.

What is the Difference Between Writing Great and Good Content?

Good content is something simply good enough to read, get a few thumbs up, attract some traffic, and then make the inevitable need of something better, something new immediately. Is Good content relatable? Sure. But is it relatable enough to make the reader want to read it over and over again, sharing it with fellow readers, making it viral? No. That’s something that makes the content ‘Great’. The difference between Good content and Great content is the ‘attention life’ of the content which is the same as the shelf life of any product. The longer it stays in someone’s head, in talk of the hour, flowing writing the social space and sticking in people’s head, the greater the content is. Oblivion is the enemy of content. The goal is to keep it alive until the creator comes up with something even greater. Needless to say, Active Content Marketing and creating catchy stuff are the keys to Writing Great Content.

Writing a Great Content / Blog Post That Will Get You More Traffic

Three words;




You access the internet, open a space and it is flooded with information. We are constantly exposed to new information as we scroll down social media and blogs. We human beings are designed to have a longing for new information. But selective attention is something that determines which piece of information captures your attention and which doesn’t. Overcomplicating information does not make a piece of information attractive. It might make it fancy but no one wants to keep coming to a content space where a topic is made more sophisticated than simply understandable and relatable.

Once Great Content is written, the next step should be equipping it with the right choice of keywords, hashtags, and Search Engine Optimization. The smarter these moves are, the greater the traffic is.

How to Write a Great Content for Email That Gets Opened Every Time

An Email is a way to correspond which is used more for professional correspondence than personal communication. Again, it is so important that an Email should be attractive enough to get that ‘open’ click since we are bombarded with Emails every day and the human brain automatically becomes super selective.

The first key is to identify the target audience and phrase your email accordingly. A bunch of students cannot be addressed the same as a working, professional officer. Language of Email matters. Stating the subject in a language enriched with expression makes a long-lasting impression. The use of humor, surprises, and offers can make the subject of an Email worth opening.

Using an authenticated Email account, statistics in the Email content and keeping everything comprehensive and short are also advised.

The Importance of Creating a Content Strategy

Creating a content plan is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your website is successful. A well-crafted content strategy will help you create content that is relevant to your audience, interesting and engaging, and easy to find.

When creating your content plan, it is important to consider your audience. Who are you writing for? What is your website’s purpose? What topics should you cover? Once you have a good understanding of your audience, you can begin to think about what types of content will best serve them.


The Complete Guide to Writing Great Content and How to Create a Content plan is a comprehensive guide on how to create content that will generate leads and drive conversions.

The guide starts by explaining the differences between good and great content, then it goes on to discuss what makes great content. It also includes blog post tips, as well as other important considerations such as SEO and social media marketing.


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