Guide to Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tips- 2023 Holiday Shopping

A Complete Guide to Holiday Marketing with proven tactics to accelerate your business momentum

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Holiday Shopping is ON, and so, Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tips 

According to Drip, 26.8% of sales of the businesses accounts for Q4, i.e. Holiday Shopping Season. You also can avail this amazing opportunity to drive highly-yielding sales by using Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tips.

Usually, businesses especially the service industry consider the holiday season as a layoff season with no attraction for consumers. However, with creative use of resources, one can turn this period best time of the year for their business growth. The only thing that is required is creativity. How well you explain your products, and how well you market your products is what matters at the end of the day. Following are some of the Last-Minute Holiday Marketing tactics that how you can market your products or services during this holiday season and can retain existing customers, regain lost customers and make new customers.

1. Offer Discounts and Promotions – 40% Customers Wait for this:

Reach out to your customers and offer discounts and promotions on your products and services. This will help you attract more customers and increase sales during the holiday season. Offering discounts and promotions are a great way to attract new customers and reward existing ones. You can offer discounts on certain products, services, or even the entire store. You can also create loyalty programs or send out promotional emails to customers. Additionally, you can offer special discounts during certain times of the year, such as the holidays or back-to-school season.

2. Send Out Holiday Greetings – Most Appealing Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tips:

Send out holiday greetings to your customers to help build relationships and to thank them for their loyalty. This will show them that you care about them and their business. This can be a good idea for existing customers as well as old, forgotten customers who might be annoyed with you. So generally this is the best time to retain and regain customers with soft greeting messages backed with simple and nominal marketing of any latest product. It would be a great idea not to mention any of your products making them genuine and pure concern.

 3. Create Special Holiday Offers – The most Popular  Last-Minute Holiday Marketing:

Create special holiday offers to encourage customers to buy from you. This could be a free gift with a purchase, discounts on specific products or services, or other special promotions. This is a time of year when everyone is buying. So this is the best time to sell your products. Even if you are in the service industry and your services are not usual consumer products, still you can enjoy the perks. As in if you are offering website development services still, this is the golden period to capture your customers. All the secret lies in how well you elaborate and explain your offers. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use seasonal banners and crispy seasonal language to make closer contact.

4. Increase Your Social Media Presence – Must-Have Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tactic:

Increase your social media presence by posting holiday-related content and interacting with customers. This will help spread the word about your business and draw in more customers. As this is high family time, people prefer staying at home and enjoying their time with loved ones. Generally scrolling and spending time on social media increases. People are spending more time on social media for sharing their views, and images and read what others are doing. So is the best time to appear on their screen when they are in relaxed mode and can give you add and existence, their 100% attention. As per research, there is a 73% increase in social media traffic than the usual days, so this increases your virility chances up to 73% through posting on different platforms, using different theme-based posting.


5. Utilize Email Marketing – This Directly Lands in Inbox:

Utilize email marketing to reach out to customers and let them know about any special holiday offers or promotions. You can also use email marketing to remind customers to place orders in time for the holidays. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to remind your customers about their previous experience with your business and then strengthen that relationship. Usually, this is the time of year when everyone is seeking promotion, so your catch subject line can bring tremendous business to you when overall it is considered an idle period for the sale of digital products i.e. web development and database management, etc. Usually, you should send emails right before the start of the holiday season. Usually, it is considered that 10 am is the best time for email marketing as this is the time people check their emails and can plan their day. However, one should be very much considerate that they should mention the offer or deal in the subject line so that reader is provoked to open the email at least.

6. Create a Holiday-Themed Website – Professional  Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tactic:

Create a website with a holiday theme to make your business more festive and inviting. This can help attract more customers and boost. This creates a sense of belongingness, a sense of closeness. So a themed website will help in inviting people to show their love for your business, even if they don`t buy from your website they will definitely remember you and great chances are that they will refer your website to others or will come back in the future. This is the reason a number of international brands redress their websites, social media themes, and dips as per the thematic requirements of the holiday season. This will not only retain previous customers but also helps in making new customers. Hence this themed website or makeover is the means to show that you are a diversified business and can bring the same diversification in the business of customers. So this acts in two ways, in one way it connects your business with your audience, and on the other hand, it helps develop your soft image and show your diversified image to the audience.

7. Sponsoring Giveaways – Everyone Loves this  Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tips:

This is high time when people are seeking deals and discounts. So you can initiate some giveaway that offers free-of-cost products to customs. This is the best time to increase sales and promotion of some idle, slow-selling products that you want people to try for free. On the other hand, you can be part of some huge giveaways by sponsoring them. Business can increase their reach and awareness by being part of sponsors of some holiday events.

Don’t Ignore These Last But Not Least Words 

All the above, mentioned tactics for holiday marketing are small efforts to increase your business. However, these small efforts can result in great business growth so shouldn’t be ignored.

Every company has the chance to take advantage of Christmas sentiment in the fourth fiscal quarter. Boost Customer Relations and Show Gratefulness to clients by employing a variety of strategies to increase holiday sales. Don’t forget to remember the trends from last year’s holiday shopping.

And if you don’t have time to construct stunning landing pages, put up discounts, or make gift guides, just make a social media presence strategy for the holidays.

The pressure to accomplish objectives over the Christmas season may be a burden for businesses and marketing teams (trust me, it is). You must, however, make time for enjoyment. Feel the beauty of the season, live it, and spread happiness.

Enjoy your holiday season and share your valuable experience with us that worked best for you.

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