About Me


I am Attiya, and people know me as The Positive MOM,. “About Us” is supposed to be about ME, but here let’s start it with ‘YOU’.

Yes, you are Brilliant, Amazing, Unique, Mighty, Magnificent, Creative, Dynamic, Brave Worthy, talented, Gifted in a lot of ways and Exceptionallyfabulous. In short, you are full of AWESOMENESS!

Never forget that you have magical powers, there lie divines within you. The three important Ps of your life; Possibilities, Potential, and Purpose plays an important role in making huge changes in your life.

Discover yourself, your capabilities, enjoy your own company and love yourself the way you are. You do not have to copy anyone, be yourself and radiate it. You are a beautiful masterpiece, designed to be amazing and have the special power, of being powerful, which comes from being positive.

Be Positive and You’ll be Powerful!

With a Big Teethy Smile and a tight Hug from me to you, Welcome to my world, Mombeing.com

As they said it:

            “The Greatest gift that you can give to anyone is your time because when you are giving your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back.”

Thank you for giving me the amazing gift of all, your TIME. This time will let me share my experiences and opinions with you related to motherhood, the mindsets of society and above all, mompreneurship.

There have been 7 incidents that took me near to death and I consider myself a student of pain. You can know more about this by checking out my life list and the background story about my Life. This would help you know why I introduce myself as a storyteller and a story strategist.

All of us have a dream life, but for one reason or another are unable to live it. I will mentor you about making the best of your motherhood, and help you in achieving your most longed desires.

As far as I am concerned, I am a mother of two, Qalb e Mustafa and Ezzah. These were gifted to me in 2016, and in 2018. All my deliveries have been natural and med-free, I breastfed each one of them for a considerable time and does not matter where we are in the world, I always prefer homeschooling them.

Moms bring children in this world, sustain lives, and give love unconditionally. They raise children, support them, guide them and most importantly ensure them of their love throughout their life decisions. I think this is no less than a partnership with God.

A mother is not defined by her age, shape, size, experiences or preferences. I myself am 5’1 feet tall and believe that none of us is a Super Mom. We grow together, learn differently, form connections and lift each other up. To become great, positive Mom, we must think positive!

My focus is to bring positivity in your lives, through resources, tools, stories, and inspirational quotes, a millionaire mom mindset will be achieved. I will guide you to bring positive in every aspect of life, how to grow positive and bring positive transformation.

If you want to be a positive MOM, a Positive Wife, and a Positive YOU, this is the Place. Feel At Home.

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I highly appreciate your Kindness.